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  1. Lynne Cochran says:

    Chamber Music at Old St Luke’s
    The Early Mays
    Sunday, December 17, 2017 at 7 PM

    The Early Mays bring their Appalachian inspired
    three-part harmonies, fiddle, banjo and guitar to
    Old St. Luke’s for an enchanting candle light concert of carols and folk songs.

    Old St. Luke’s Church 330 Old Washington Pike, Carnegie PA15106 
    412-969-7072 ~

    Free Admission ~ Donations are accepted and appreciated

  2. Academy Chamber Ensemble
    Warren Davidson and Leah Givelber, violin
    David Sinclair, viola
    Paige Riggs, cello
    with guest Gino Faraci, bass

    The Academy Chamber Ensemble, led by Dr. Warren Davidson, consists of leading players from the Pittsburgh area, many of whom are faculty members at colleges and universities. Ensemble members hold advanced degrees from some of the nation’s finest music programs, including the Eastman School of Music, the Cleveland Institute of Music, and the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. Academy Chamber Ensemble programs focus on the great classical chamber music tradition, but do sometimes include musical rarities and contemporary works.


    Austria and Croatia were closely connected for centuries. Croatia had been under the Hungarian monarchy from 1102AD; when the Hungarian crown was merged with that of Austria in 1526, creating the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Croatia was ruled from Vienna. Croatia was part of the empire for nearly 400 years, including all of the music stylistic periods we call the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic eras. Austria was one of the most important centers for this music, and naturally the Austrian musical influence was felt in the major Croatian cities, but in the countryside, in the villages, traditional music and dance continued as it always had, regardless of who the political rulers were.

    This concert puts Austrian Classical and Romantic music side-by-side with traditional Croatian folk songs and dance music. We feature two lesser-known Austrian Classical composers who were close to the more famous Haydn and Mozart: Haydn’s younger brother Michael, and Haydn’s student Ignaz Pleyel. Michael Haydn was part of the musical establishment at Salzburg, where both Wolfgang Mozart and his father Leopold worked. He was a close friend of the Mozart family and, as modern scholarship shows, a powerful musical influence on the famous Amadeus! He wrote many symphonies – at least 42 – much church music, and chamber pieces for a variety of ensembles. The Divertimento in C is typical of Michael Haydn’s chamber works in its clear textures and good humor. Ignaz Pleyel was a favorite student of the older, more prominent Haydn brother, Joseph (often referred to as the “father” of both the symphony and the string quartet). Unlike Michael Haydn, who spent his entire professional life in Salzburg, Pleyel had an international career. Fresh from triumphs in the concert life of London he established himself in Paris, where he founded a successful publishing house and a profitable piano factory! Our other example of Austrian music is the Mass in G by Vienna native Franz Schubert. The sweet lyrical beauty of this religious work has made it one of Schubert’s most popular compositions.

    Dr. Warren Davidson has had a 40 year fascination with the music of Eastern Europe. He has written orchestral settings of Romanian music for the Wheeling Symphony and Serbian music from Kosovo for the Pittsburgh Civic Orchestra, as well as arrangements of traditional Polish and Rusyn Christmas carols. In recent years he has been profoundly moved by the music of the Croatian National Folklore Ensemble , LADO. Last May Dr. Davidson had the opportunity to go to the Croatian capital city, Zagreb, to observe LADO rehearsals and concerts and to play in rehearsal with LADO’s musicians. He was inspired to adapt traditional Croatian folk songs and dances for a different kind of concert environment – for choir and string quintet. We hope to capture the spirit of the Croatian people in these performances!

  3. Academy Chamber Ensemble and Slippery Rock University Chamber Singers
    “Austria and Croatia”

    Old St. Luke’s Church 330 Old Washington Pike, Carnegie PA15106
    412-969-7072 ~
    Free Admission ~ Donations are accepted and appreciated.

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