Workin’ 9-5, what a way to do some theatre.

9to5Workin’ 9-5, what a way to do some theatre. For those sick of their own Consolidated Industries style jobs, bosses, and co-workers, 9-5 the Musical, presented by Actors and Artists of Fayette City (AAFC) and Geyer Performing Arts Center, has the cure.

Shawn P. Conway of Murrysville, PA employs his 10 years of directorial experience to energize the show’s run, from August 18-21, in what he calls “a very welcoming, though not huge space. It’s intimate, and you’re not that far from the actors. It’s an experience where you’re going to have an up-close view of the show.”

Set in the late 1970s and based on the popular movie of 1980, 9-5 the Musical sings its way through the lives of three office workers intent on overthrowing their overbearing boss, a dream shared by many, and an idea not lost on Conway.

“I enjoy working with the people in the cast, so they can take the experiences or things in life and relate those to the character, so the audience can find the characters believable and relatable,” Conway said, expanding, “Everyone can relate to the unlikable boss, or if it’s a nosy co-worker. That’s what’s cool about this show, that people can relate to it.”

Adding to believability is a cast including seasoned actors ranging in age from 16 through mid-40s. “We’ve had some rehearsals so far (as of this mid-July interview),” Conway said, “and the entertainment value is worth the price.”

While choosing 9-5 the Musical for a run was an easy production and costuming choice for Geyer’s show space, Conway notes that “Figuring out how to try and make shows work in this space is fun and a huge challenge.” Geyer was originally an opera house, and so not intended for theatre productions.

Conway’s involvement with AAFC includes stepping up production value in recent years at Geyer “to make a quality show for the price, the kind (of quality) you’ll see in other places,” he said.

Working along that idea is a live band of 10-15 musicians performing music for 9-5, directed by David Bridge, with AAFC board member Chelsea Forbes stage managing, while Breanna Duetch handles choreography.

“It’s a good group,” Conway said,

noting “Breanna and David are new to theatre, but are both professionals and the whole team is helping this to be an excellent show. I couldn’t do it without them!”

While the show’s content is work-related, Conway said “It’s a family friendly show, so you can bring family and friends.”

At intermission, the Geyer tradition of ice cream served by the Ladies Auxiliary Services continues, making a visit to the theatre that much sweeter.

Show times are August 18-20 at 7:30 p.m., with a matinee on Sunday, August 21 at 2:30 p.m. Visit to order tickets online.

Conway invites “Anyone looking for a funny, inspirational, and powerful show, or just looking for a good night out, come and see our show. It’s one you’ll be talking about afterwards.”

Just don’t let the boss catch you lounging around the water cooler on Monday morning.


Story by Keren Lee Dreyer for Pennsylvania Bridges