Student wins contest to perform with Justin Bieber on 7-13


11-year-old Rueben Brock II

Dreams are coming true for 11-year-old Rueben Brock II after he was selected to perform on stage with Justin Bieber Wednesday night at Consol Energy Center after submitting an audition video online to Bieber’s contest back in March.

Brock had little time to prepare for the audition after hearing the contest promoted on the radio driving home one day and the submissions due at 9 a.m. When the family arrived home, they got to work to rehearse, film and upload the video to YouTube. For Brock who has aspirations to be a professional dancer, he saw his chance for a big break! You can see Brock’s audition video here.

“[When we found out], my first thought was “Is this real?,” said Rueben Brock. “Then I immediately wanted to tell Rueben. He was dancing at Point Park’s Summer Dance Intensive, so he wasn’t home to hear the news. By the time he got the news, that evening, we had already told just about everyone we know.”

Brock has worked hard to perfect his dancing skills, practicing for hours at Synergy Performing Arts and attending outside classes and intensive programs around the area. He’s a fan of Justin Bieber because he’s a young, male out there doing what Rueben hopes to do one day!

“I actually did think I had a chance [to win],” said Brock. “Even though a lot of people entered, I felt like I stand out in a crowd.”

Standing out is what makes Brock so special. Whether he’s a solo act or part of a group, it’s hard not to feel drawn to him.

“Not only is Rueben a strong technical dancer but it’s his dedication and passion that set him apart from the crowd,” said Rosalynn Miller, owner of Synergy Performing Arts Academy. “He takes his work seriously, not only in the studio but in school and in life. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. This opportunity to dance with Justin Bieber is just the beginning of what I anticipate will be a long and successful career. For Rueben, dance truly is life. Synergy is so proud of him!”

Brock is backed by an amazing support system from his father, Rueben Brock, mother Cortney Brock and step-mom Darra Brock – along with his Synergy Performing Arts family who can’t wait to see him on the big stage. The 11-year-old just finished 6th grade at Washington Park Intermediate School in Washington, PA. He has spent his whole life dancing, but only began formal training with Synergy Performing Arts Academy just five years ago and has become a rising star earning diamond level trophies at national competitions.

If you’re heading to the Justin Bieber show tomorrow night – be sure to watch for Rueben on stage! For more information about Synergy Performing Arts Academy, visit

Story by Hayley Lynn Martin for Pennsylvania Bridges