Review: “Nightmare” with Orchestra was dream come true

Looking for a great way to introduce children to the symphony? Check out Disney in Concert with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra.

The most recent event at Heinz Hall featured none other than the timeless classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas. As the symphony performed with perfection and timing, the film was projected on a screen behind the orchestra with all the dialogue.

As fans, young and old, followed Jack Skeleton in Halloween Town as he learned to understand Christmas, the symphony brought the film to life with live music, with every note lifting the film from the screen.

For children, this was a perfect time to introduce them to the symphony with the instruments, the sound and the feelings live music will evoke. As you looked through the crowd, children bounced on their parents’ knees watching their favorite show with beaming smiles. Many fans (young and old) came in full costumes. Jack Skeleton and Sally were visible at every turn and many fans were sporting their favorite fan gear.

If you’ve seen the advertisements for the Disney Concerts and wondered if it’s worth it – be assured that it is 100%, without a doubt, a magical night you will not want to miss.

While there are currently not any future Disney in Concert shows listed online, at The Nightmare Before Christmas event it was announced the Symphony will perform a very special, one-night-only pre-show for Star Wars fans on December 17 with music from Episodes I–VI. Fans will exit the show with plenty of time to spare before the midnight premiere of Episode VII, The Force Awakens, so consider this the perfect pre-film experience.

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Review by Hayley Martin for Pennsylvania Bridges