Pennsylvania Bridges Is…

Carla E. Anderton, Editor-in-Chief

Fred Terling, Managing Editor

Hayley Lynn Martin, Associate Editor

Reanna Roberts, Columnist “Southwestern Pintsylvania”

Chuck Brutz, Staff Writer/”The Entertainment Chuckwagon”

Keren Lee Dreyer, Staff Writer

Rosemary Capanna, Contributor

Amy Capiross, Contributor

Cass Currie, Staff Writer

Noah Churchel, Contributor

Dr. Natalie Wolfe Duvall, Contributor

Brianne Bayer Mitchell, Contributor

Tasha Oskey, Columnist “About Face”

Lauren Rearick, Contributor

Eric J. Worton, Columnist “Tips from TechBoxz”

Dave Zuchowski, Contributor

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  1. Where can i pick up a copy of the April issue in the South Hills area

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