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Old Soul Tattoos is in Canonsburg

Old Soul Tattoo is in Canonsburg

According to a recent Harris Poll of 2012, one in five adults in America have a tattoo. The art dates back to 6000 BC, when the first one was discovered on the upper lip of a Chinchorro culture mummy in South America. In modern times, however, it has been seen as a sign of rebellion, unclean living or even criminal activity. Not anymore as odds are, you know at least one person with tats.

As time has evolved, so have the artists and their styles. Signature designs, artwork, colors and originality are the contemporary brushes for human canvasses in 2015

Interior of Old Soul Tattoo

Interior of Old Soul Tattoo

Join Pennsylvania Bridges later in September as we do a series of interviews on the Art of the Tattoo with various artists around the country.

Owner Josh Mason

Owner Josh Mason, pictured left

During Canonsburg’s annual Oktoberfest, September 18-20, over twenty tattoo artists will be on hand for Old Soul Tattoo Shop’s grand reopening, with more responding daily. Owner Josh Mason will guide us on a tour of his studio, where every piece on the wall is original art and introduce us to artists from around the country. Each artist will give us an insight into their visions, inspirations and origins of their art.

Distinguished guests to date (in alphabetical order, including instagram handles):

  • Nick Bubash (Pittsburgh, PA.  Route 60 Tattoo) @nickbubash
  • Craig Chazen (Brooklyn, NY. Electric Anvil Tattoo) @boxcartattooer
  • Greg Christian (Cleveland, OH. Tattoo Faction) @gregchristian4130
  • Jett DiProjetto (Rochester, NY.  Love Hate Tattoo) @mrjetperson
  • Jackie Dunn Smith (San Diego, CA. Flying Panther/Dallas, TX. Saints and Sinners) @jackiedunnsmith
  • Mike Emmett (Traverse City, MI. Front Street Tattoo) @mikeemmett
  • Nick Fabini (Fort Wayne, IN.  Cardinal Tattoo) @nickfabini
  • Bill Falsetta (Ypsilanti, MI. Depot Town Tattoo) @falsetta333
  • Ross Henry (Las Vegas, NV. Downtown Tattoo) @rosshenry
  • Nash Hogan (Brooklyn, NY. Three Kings Tattoo) @nashhogan
  • Jill Krznaric (Houston, TX. Virtue Tattoo) @jillkrznaric
  • Jeff Pageau (On the road) @bongsnake
  • Nick Quinn (Charleston, WV.  Black Eagle Tattoo) @nickquinn
  • J. Rose (Syracuse, NY. Halo Tattoo) @djrosedna
  • Jason Scott (Portsmouth, NH. Congress St./Hobo’s Tattoo) @jasonscott523
  • Matt Shamah (San Jose, CA.  Analog Tattoo) @mattshamah
  • Andrew Stickler (Rockford, IL. Odds and Ends Tattoo) @astickler
  • Christos Triantifilou (Morgantown, WV. Wild Zero Tattoo) @christos_tattoos
  • R. Tubbs (Ashtabula, OH. True ‘Til Death Tattoo) @tattootubbsy1
  • Chuck Uhler (Cleveland, OH. Tattoo Faction) @chuckuhler
  • Marc Warnick (Cleveland, OH. Formerly of CBG’s Independent Tattoo) @warnicktattooer
  • Frank William (Brooklyn, NY.  Rose Tattoo) @frank_william

Old Soul Staff:

  • Josh Mason @excelsiorrr
  • Justin Hyde @chainscity
  • Josh Adams @_j.adams_
  • Tomas Garcia @tomas_garcia
  • Ivan Soyars @ivansoyars
  • Erik Bartholomaus @erik_von_bartholomaus
  • Nick Leombruno *too cool for instagram
  • Flynn Collins @flynnknight

To make an appointment or get on a waiting list for any of the artists during the reopening, contact Old Soul Tattoo at (724) 743-0585.
Preview by Fred Terling for Pennsylvania Bridges

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