Try Before You Buy: Universal Yum

Universal YumTarget Market: Snack lovers

Price: $13 and up

Rating:  5/5


Company Overview

What’s the one thing people want to do when they travel to another country – try the food? Well, Universal Yums is a way to bring some of the most popular snacks from other countries to your doorstep. Each box features between 6 – 12 candies from a different country delivered monthly. The box is fun, educational and of course – yummy!

What’s In the Box?

Our sample box was from the UK and included an assortment of snacks and candies that you might find in any common UK household, along with a booklet talking about the items. Jaffa Cakes, Turkish Delights, Drumstick, Hula Hoops, Skips, Walkers and Chewits are just a few of the items.

My Thoughts

My first thought – I don’t recognize a single thing in the box – but that’s the point! My husband instantly grabbed the Turkish Delights because he recognized the name and always wanted to try them. My daughter went straight for the Hula Hoops because they said salt and vinegar – which she loves. I went for the Jaffa Cakes because they just looked interesting. Together we tried many of the items, then brought them to work to have a few other sample them. The reactions were always different – which is expected. Some of it was good, some of it was … well interesting.

Overall though, the experience of the box was a lot of fun. The mystery gave my 7-year-old a sense of adventure. She normally snubs her nose at most unknown foods but she dug right into the box. We went through the book together and she ate her way through learning about another culture.


At $13 for the small (6 item) box and $25 for the large (12 item box). The cost is fair. If you went to the store (which you likely could not to get these items), you’d probably pay $1 – $2 each.

The Verdict

This box is a great family item. I could easily see my family subscribing and gathering around the table when it arrives to eat our way through a country. For younger children, this type of box is a great way to expand their taste and get them to try new things. It contains snacks and candy and most kids are more adventurous when it comes to those types of foods.

With a great price point, this would make a great gift for kids or a family. It’s something new every month and likely has at least one item that would delight everyone.

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Product Review by Hayley Lynn Martin for Pennsylvania Bridges