Try Before You Buy: Orange Glad

orangegladTarget Market: Anyone who loves sweets

Price: $19 +

Rating:  5/5 – delicious, reasonably priced, unique


Company Overview

Do you like delectable treats that you can’t find anywhere else – Orange Glad is your answer. Featuring a box of sweet treats delivered to your door each month from specialty dessert shops around the nation, this box is sure to send you to a sugar coma!


My Thoughts

The only complaint I have about this box is when it was gone, we all wanted more. These treats were some of the most decadent, delicious, mouthwatering sweets I’ve ever had. At only $19 for a box, I’m ready to sign up TODAY!

There was great care taken in selecting the types of products to include in the box which would appeal to a variety of people from chocolate lovers to an over the top take on the family-favorite Crisp Rice treats. The portions were perfect to share as a family and no one was left disappointed!


AT $15 + $4 shipping – this box is the perfect price! If you purchased any one of these desserts while out and about, you would surely pay more!

The Verdict

Of all the boxes we’ve had with sweets, this is by far my favorite box. Perfect. Delicious and crafted with love. The price point is spot on making it a great gift idea for friends, family, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or just because you’re hungry for some great sweets!

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Product Review by Hayley Lynn Martin for Pennsylvania Bridges