Try Before You Buy: Elizabeth & Clark

Model: Robin Hershberger

Model: Robin Hershberger

Target Market: Women (00 – 14) plus sizes coming soon.

Price: $30 or less

Rating: 5/5


Discount Code: bridges10 for 10% off your first box

Company Overview

Every girl needs those simple staples in their closet – black and white blouses With Elizabeth & Clark, designer shirts are delivered to your door each season. Try them on and keep what you like. Prices range from $20 – $30 with bigger discounts on the more you buy.

“Most people do not purchase new clothes every month – especially the basics,” said Melanie Moore, Chief Executive Officer for Elizabeth & Clark. “Most people purchase closet essentials as the weather changes each season, so we decided to go with a quarterly box to accommodate.”

What’s In the Box?

Three shirts in varying styles and colors.


Model: Robin Hershberger

My Thoughts

This box is perfect for everyone! The styles were very trendy, but fitting for everyone from stay at home moms to working women. The shirts can be easily dressed up or down depending on the occasion. The fabric was soft to the touch and fit well and looked great. Of all the clothes we’ve tried on recently, these were by far some of our favorites. They were simply just great shirts!

“We design styles based on the season / weather, our brand aesthetic, and based on feedback we have received from customers on past styles,” said Ms. Moore. “We do not have a style profile as we only focus on basics / essentials that pair well with most other styles.”

Currently Elizabeth & Clark is available for size 00 – 14. The company is launching a kickstarter campaign this year for “The Unstainable Collection” and plan to offer five new plus sizes as part of the new goals.


When you subscribe for three shirts per season, the price is just $20 per shirt. Compared to the hassle of shopping to find those classic staples, this is a great deal! Elizabeth & Clark offer free returns on anything that doesn’t fit or you just don’t like, you can also cancel at any time. You can also purchase additional shirts from past season right off the website if you fall in love with a particular style. Additionally, you can shop the site and select the shirts that will come in your box.

Model: Robin Hershberger

Model: Robin Hershberger

The Verdict

Elizabeth & Clark is a great resource to make sure you have trendy, seasonally appropriate clothes at an affordable price. This subscription service is great for the working woman or the stay at home mom. With no commitment and free returns, it’s a great way to beef up your closet without taking precious time to shop at the mall. Simply try it on, keep what you like and return what you don’t. Additionally, Elizabeth & Clark offer gift certificates.

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Product Review by Hayley Lynn Martin for Pennsylvania Bridges