Steel Blossoms plan hometown show at Jozart

Sara Zebley & Hayley Prosser of the Steel Blossoms

Sara Zebley & Hayley Prosser of the Steel Blossoms

The decision to leave their hometowns to pursue a career in music was not an easy one for Hayley Prosser (Jefferson Hills, PA) and Sara Zebley (Dawson, PA), but it sure gave them a lot to write about. On August 28, 2014, the country-folk duo set out to chase their dreams in Nashville, TN. A few short days later, “Steel Blossoms” was born.

The girls had been performing together in PA for several years, developing a strong fan base under the name “Girlz in Black Hats.”

“When we decided to rebrand ourselves, it was a big leap of faith,” says Zebley.  “It was like starting from scratch. We created all new social media pages and even our performance style started to change. Since moving to Nashville, we have really found our sound.”

Change seems to be a common theme in the original music of the Steel Blossoms. As female, young adults in an ever-progressing world, Prosser and Zebley have continued to turn their trials and triumphs into musical works of art.

“The one thing that hasn’t changed is how much we pour our hearts into our original songs. Those songs tell our life stories- the good and the bad,” says Prosser.
Prosser and Zebley leave credit of their recent success to their hard work ethic and faith in God.

“We have been so incredibly blessed this year- we have made trips to perform in California and Mexico, traveled for our very first house concert tour, we’ve been given the ability to perform everyday in Nashville, and now we are making a new album. We are so thankful that God is guiding us in this journey,” Prosser states.

Performing regularly in the Nashville honky-tonks and touring the country isn’t the only thing these girls have to be excited about. Just this month, Steel Blossoms have established an advising deal with mentor Rick Barker, former manager of Taylor Swift and current consultant for Big Machine Records.

“If there’s one person you want to have in your corner in the music business, it’s Rick. He’s a marketing genius and an extremely good-hearted person. He’s also had so much experience helping artists get to the next level in their career. We are lucky to be working with him,” Zebley says.

What’s ahead for Steel Blossoms in the upcoming month? Not only are they teaming up with PledgeMusic and producer Sal Oliveri to make a new EP, but they are also coming back to their roots to perform a special show in our neck of the woods.

To celebrate their Nashville success and the announcement of their upcoming album release, Steel Blossoms will be performing at Jozart Center of the Arts in California, PA on Friday, August 28, 2015, the exact one year anniversary of their big move.

Opening acts will start at 6:30pm and Steel Blossoms will perform from 8-10pm. Tickets are $10 for adults, $6 for children under the age of 10. Tickets available at the door or by calling (724) 938-9730 or emailing

To pre-order the new Steel Blossoms EP, “Year Number One,” or be a part of the project:

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