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Escape the Room, Pittsburgh

Escape the Room, Pittsburgh

Are you a puzzle master? Think you can solve any problem? Try your luck at one of the new hottest attractions in Pittsburgh, escape rooms.

For those interested in trying their luck, there are currently three options available: Escape Room Pittsburgh, Escape the Room and Hundred Acres Manor’s The Enigma Project, a horror themed escape room experience.

The concept is simple. You’ll be locked in a room for a specific amount of time (usually 45-60 minutes) with a group of people (anywhere between four to ten people) and you have to find your way out by using your surroundings, ingenuity, and problem solving skills to locate the key and unlock the door. Each room has a central theme, such as prison, laboratories, or an apartment, and has only one way out. Of course, if you can’t figure out the way before your time expires, the staff won’t leave you stuck there. They’ll show you the way out.

If you want to up the stakes for escape, check out Hundred Acres Manor’s new Escape Rooms where making the right choice will give you a fright. Rooms include Meltdown, where you must save the last employee by unlocking the Nuclear Fission center before it melts down, and Alchemy, where you must solve the mysteries of Old World Science to uncover the diabolical scheme at Tesero and escape before you become a victim of the Alchemist.

“Escape rooms are an immersive experience that puts people in a scenario that’s far removed from the everyday world while being grounded in reality. So many people are glued to their phones and using social media as an escape. And while escape rooms started as an online phenomenon, we’re able to bring that digital experience to real life. It’s much more satisfying to be in the scenario yourself – you can’t shut down and move onto something different like would on your phone, you’re going to feel the pressure and you have to solve the puzzle yourself to move on in the game,” said Victor Blake of Escape the Room.

“Since we started in October 2013, we have brought our games a long way to what they are today. We have an all-star team of designers, engineers, and entertainers that can take people to worlds they’ve never imagined. We want everyone who comes here to feel like James Bond or Indiana Jones, and we’ll give you the most realistic experience to have that feeling short of being the character in the movie,” he added.

“It’s so exciting to see a vision for a game in your head and then build it in real life for other people to experience. And it’s great to have everyone in Pittsburgh checking it out for themselves,” said Blake.

Are you ready for an escape? Before you book, be sure to read through all the room descriptions. If you want to book with friends, it’s highly recommended to have one person book the room at one time to avoid losing spaces. These attractions are very popular and many good timeslots sell out quickly. Tickets range from $20-$40, depending on the attraction.

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Story by Hayley Lynn Martin for Pennsylvania Bridges