Do you like saving money? Keep reading!

bill_coins_184879Do you like saving money? Would you like to discover how to find FREE money when buying products you love and will use? Have you tried using coupons in the past and been frustrated by all the hurdles you have to scale in order to save actual money? Keep reading for three quick & easy ways to slash your grocery bill and make money in the process.

Walmart’s Savings Catcher – If you shop at the big box giant, you’re losing money if you don’t download their app to your phone or tablet. After shopping, simply scan your receipt with their Savings Catcher (included in the app) and if another local retailer is offering a product for a lower price than Walmart’s, you’ll get the difference via electronic gift card. I’ve accumulated a little under $25 in the past five months, not bad savings for a family of two! You can also use the app to record and track your receipts, which can help you save more money by helping you ID (and keep an eye out for coupons for) items you buy often.

Ibotta – Another fantastic savings app is Ibotta. It’s very easy to use. You scan your receipts, select items you’ve bought, and you get instant rebates on a variety of goods and services. While it’s not difficult to download the app and start saving instantly, the complexity of Ibotta and all the ways you can use it to find free money is a topic that warrants further discussion. In the next edition, I’ll explore the app in greater depth. Our total savings in 5 months? Over $75. $75 for stuff we would normally buy! Use referral code: prwskny

Checkout 51 – Checkout 51 is an app very similar to Ibotta although they have a much more limited selection of items to choose from in their savings gallery.

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Story by Cass Currie for Pennsylvania Bridges