Eat In Now delivers quality local favorites to your door

Broverman2_EatInNowCEOStory by Keren Lee Dreyer

Craving something delicious from a favorite local restaurant, but not enthused about eating out? Eat In Now, a third party food delivery service started by Wheeling native, Josh Broverman, provides affordable delivery to Washington, PA, and Canonsburg, PA, creating a culinary “best of both worlds” scenario to those lucky residents – eating out while eating in.

Broverman, who wears many hats at Eat In Now including founder, CEO, Director of Marketing, part time programmer, and Director of Sales, to name a few, was already familiar with those areas through prior delivery franchise and marketing connections. However, when a delivery franchise serving the Washington area pulled out with no warning, Broverman said he “just kind of picked up the pieces and asked what we can do with this, and it turned out we could do a lot with this.”

By working through marketing plans with a number of area restaurants, Broverman bought time for himself, and his programmers, to develop web software that would connect those restaurants to residents within a 10 mile delivery radius. Once complete, went live and residents of Washington and Canonsburg stayed home to eat.

While hungry customers appreciate delivery of hometown food (and a few chains), one of Broverman’s goals was to make a delivery service attractive to restaurants, as he explains “There is a tremendous amount of markets between the 20-30,000 population range, and we have house-built software and can change anything to meet our specification. We basically built a program to fill a restaurant’s need, and we’re positioned really well against rag-tag competitors, while large ones don’t want to handle the markets we serve.”

Though Broverman’s 35 drivers through Eat In Now territories provide industry standard delivery times, the company strives to combine a friendly web user experience with quality food products. “We want to make it so consumers have as much access to as many restaurants as possible, and want to make our software very easy to work with” Broverman said, expanding “We’re trying to push the envelope in ease of use and how to get food delivered with the best quality possible. We feel the big competitors are not doing that. They’re eating up territory and cornering markets, but we feel if we provide selection and service and make it more affordable to restaurants, that means more people to sell to, and more profits.”

What this means for those restaurants in Washington and Canonsburg is more happy customers and, as a result, more happy owners – some with bottom lines which have increased by thousands of dollars every month, according to Broverman. Eat In Now is also working through plans to service McMurray, which is good news for restaurateurs and patrons alike.

During the process of refining Eat In Now software, Broverman realized that people needed software they could use fluently, rather than software that was simply advanced. “It’s not about the software” Broverman said, “It’s about making sure the customer gets what they want in a timely manner. Nothing sells itself better than a good quality product delivered in a good manner.”

Get your grub on the easy way by visiting, typing your zip code, selecting your restaurant, and relaxing while your food is made to order and delivered hot to your door.