5th Street Escape Room offers thrilling challenges in Charleroi

escaperoom3“You finally have the combination to the vault but time is running out. Your hands are sweaty, your heart is racing and the bank opens in minutes. Will you pull it off in time?”

Enter a thrilling challenge in the heart of an abandoned bank. The idea is to solve puzzles, find clues, and figure out the combination to the vault using the knowledge and expertise of a safe-cracker to pull off the bank heist of the century. It’s great, clean fun for people ages 10-70 and an amazing team-building exercise for companies.

The 5th Street Escape Room is a real life, interactive adventure game in a group atmosphere. “The Heist” is a cross between an adult scavenger hunt and an episode of the TV series Elementary. The goal is to evade and disarm a security system, open the 9,000 pound vault to steal money and make a grand escape.

“There’s 1.25 million dollars in movie money,” said Jason Atkins, co-owner of the 5th Street Escape Room. “Winners of the Heist challenge receive half-off our t-shirts and a discount at River House Cafe next door to celebrate their accomplishment.”

escaperoom2Each game is designed for one hour of intense fun, preceded by a fifteen-minute briefing on the overall objective prior to each game and fifteen-minutes after to debrief and take photos.

The Heist is a challenging game. Many get close but do not get out in time. At the end of 60 minutes, the moderator will unlock the room and the proprietors ask that competitors “do not reveal” the answers to others that have not participated. While the game is challenging, fun is the goal.

“While the success rate for the challenge is 35% with clues and only five percent without, we maintain that the most important goal for the Heist is that everyone has fun and enjoys their experience,” said Atkins. “But for those returning players who want more challenge, we now offer the Heist: Blackout, where groups complete the entire challenge in the dark and they can only use flashlights.”

In the future, the 5th Street Escape Room will introduce the Hostage Room, where participants will be taken hostage. “Our Hostage Room will have two competing rooms where the Heist and Hostage challenges compete back to back. One group will be taken hostage while the other will try to disarm the safe and take the money. The hostages have 60 minutes to work together to escape and call the police on the Heist team,” said Atkins.

escaperoom1Feedback for the 5th Street Escape Room has been very positive:

“Fantastically done and an adrenaline rush on a whole new level. My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as we pulled off the greatest heist in history!” – Randi Cochran-Durmis

“Awesome experience and a lot of fun….. Definitely enjoyed this and would recommend everyone to try. You will definitely have fun!” – Josh Payne

“Completed this tonight, wonderful experience! Ps. The two of us pulled it off. I recommend this for a date night!” – Casandra Maria Rowan

The 5th Street Escape Room is located at 434 Fallowfield Avenue in Charleroi.

For additional information, call 724-483-4618 or email info@5thstreetescaperoom.com
Story by Aaron Dalzell for Pennsylvania Bridges