Better Health, One “Footprint” at a Time

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFootprints Farm is a local, sustainably designed family farm that grows premium quality meats, vegetables, and herbs by using natural and traditional farming systems. These systems incorporate animal grazing, horse-drawn power and nutrient-recycling-crop rotations to provide the healthiest foods from the farm to the table.

“Our motto is providing healthy land for healthy food for families, using sustainable regenerative agricultural practices,” said Jeremy Swartzfager, owner and farmer at Footprints Farm.

The key to raising animals for quality meat is grass. By allowing animals to graze throughout their lives, the percentage of healthy fats increases in the meat and egg products because of the natural environment in which the animals live. Consuming healthy fats improves their overall health and quality of life.

“We want our customers to know their farmers and how their animals are cared for,” said Swartzfager.

“Our animals leave a healthy footprint on the farm,” said Ellen Swartzfager, co-owner and farmer at Footprints. “Grass is key for our animals and them being outside and active is much healthier than being pinned up. Manure isn’t a bad thing, it’s a blessing.”

All of the animals on Footprints Farm spend their waking hours outside.Fresh air, sun, wind, bugs, dirt and minerals adds exceptional taste to the meat, unlike meat from animals on factory-grown farms. Footprint’s products have higher levels of soluble vitamin E. Eating them is like getting a boost of sunshine in the winter and improves overall health. Vitamin E is an important antioxidant for defense against cancer, heart health, and vision.

“How healthy would we be eating corn-chips opposed to spinach? We prefer our animals to eat the spinach,” said Swartzfager.

Products are delivered locally throughout the Pittsburgh area including Sharpsburg, New Stanton, Wexford, Canonsburg, and California. They also deliver to Uniontown and offer several local businesses a “buyers’ club.” Footprint’s “buyers’ club” is a mobile grocery store that delivers healthy foods fresh from the farm directly to the consumer’s neighborhood.

Footprints’ customers range from four and five star restaurants to local families. They offer opportunities to visit the Farm. “We love building long term relationships and look forward to meeting consumer needs.”

Let Footprints’ spoil your taste buds with edible produce delights including scallions/onions, squash/blossoms, tomatoes, basil/parsley/herbs, pumpkins, garlic, peppers/popcorn, cucumbers/beets, and edible flowers.

tomatoesAccording to Facebook reviews, a visit to the farm is a wonderful, enriching experience.

“Everyone felt like family, even though it was my first visit to the farm,” said Amie Bulna, visitor. “Such a peaceful place.”

“Wonderful family, wonderful farming practices, wonderful food!” said Jenny Shimmersizzle about her visit.

Footprints’ unique status as a small family farm allows them to plan and customize specific produce, products and growing condition to meet consumer needs, whether they’re working with chefs, caterers or family meal planners.

Contact Footprints early in the year to learn about customizable opportunities.

Footprints offers different custom farming options to suit consumer needs including larder, pasture steady, and a la carte.

For 2016, the farm will introduce Holiday and Soup CSA’s, providing families with ready to prep holiday meals. Soup CSA’s will include deliveries of pot pies and soup packages.

To order, email Footprints Farm at or call the farm 724-329-8254. For more information on Footprints Farm and their services, visit Footprints Farm is located at 184 McClellan Lane, Gibbon Glade, Pa.
Story by Aaron Dalzell for Pennsylvania Bridges