Exploring the Paranormal w/ Reanna Roberts

There are many pieces of equipment we use regularly during a paranormal investigation. In this edition, I’ll review what some of this equipment is used for so if you do have an issue and an investigative team visits your home. This information is crucial because when we’re reviewing audio, it’s helpful to note what is and isn’t a paranormal sound. For example, coughing or stomach grumbling can be confused for a paranormal sound.

EVP Digital Audio Recorders- These devices can pick up sounds at a much lower frequency than can be heard by the human ear. That’s why it can record the voices of entities. When using an audio recorder, try not to whisper; it can make it hard to differentiate from “spirit” talk.

KII- This meter measures electromagnetic energy. It indicates electromagnetic energy by illuminating lights at the top ranging from light green to red. Sometimes we ask questions with the KII. For instance, we may say, “If you are here, come closer to the light.” If the light changes to red we have basically gotten a “yes” answer.

EMF (MEL Meter) – This meter basically measures electromagnetic energy by giving a digital read out and ambient room temperature. This will pick up wiring and electric output from electronic equipment (therefore it doesn’t necessarily indicate paranormal activity).  Too much EM energy in a room can cause nausea, paranoia and dizziness, which sometimes explains the feeling of being watched.

IR Laser Thermometer – This device sends out a laser beam that measures surface temperatures, not room temperature. So, if a ghost has been “sitting” in a chair, it may pick up a surface temperature change.

DVR System – We also have two different DVR surveillance systems that we use during some investigations.  These can catch things on camera that we may miss when we are not in a room or are focused on something else. You never know what you might catch on film.

This is some of the basic equipment that is used, along with a still camera and handheld infrared video cameras.  These items can be purchased online from various paranormal investigation sites or from Amazon.com.