Exploring the Paranormal: Shadow People?

What are Shadow People?

What are Shadow People?

“Did you see that? What was that?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t see anything.” “It looked like something just ran by the door, but it was dark. I saw it in my periphery.”

A large amount of people have had conversations similar to this. Eventually most of them decide that it was a trick of light or a figment of their imagination, and in most cases that’s true.

In some cases, however, this may be a shadow person or shadow entity.

Shadow entities don’t always resemble a human form, sometimes they just appear as a dark mass. One of the more common shadow entities that is reported is said to be wearing a large hat and have glowing red eyes. Depending on whom you speak with in the paranormal community, the views on what this red eyed creature is varies greatly from a visiting demon to just a trick of your eyes or light, also known as pareidolia.

More scientific explanations exist, also. Many people that suffer from sleep paralysis report seeing a shadow figure with a top hat and it’s believed that this is a mixture of you waking and sleeping brain, dreams and pareidolia, causing your eyes to play tricks on you. Methamphetamine users also experience this due to sleep deprivation.

Before you assume what you saw and experienced is of the paranormal nature, try to think to yourself if there is something else that could be causing this phenomena. It could be something as simple as a passing car causing shadows to jump within the room. There are often environmental ways to explain many things that at first seem paranormal.

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