Exploring the Paranormal: How to banish spirits

They're here!

They’re here!

You’ve heard of spring cleaning, Let’s talk about paranormal cleansing, when you effectively banish spirits from your home.

There are multiple ways to perform a cleansing on your house, whether your aim is to rid your domicile of spirits, entities or just negativity. It is widely believed the effectiveness of a cleansing is all based on the power of belief. If you believe it will work, it will. Generally, in the paranormal world, when cleansing is mentioned, smudging is what first comes to mind. This is also what is normally used to rid the residence of negative energy. When dealing with spirits, there are a few other ways you can rid the location of them.

From the very basic “speaking in a very direct voice” to cleansings and priests, there are numerous ways to get rid of spirits. The first step is to reclaim your space as your own. Use a direct approach and show no fear. Simply say that it’s your place and the entity is not welcome there. Sometimes just letting the being know how unwelcome they really are will help. If this doesn’t work, there are a few other ways that you can get rid of them.

One of the oldest techniques known is smudging, a Native American ritual that has been used for centuries. A lot of people think this is based on the occult, but it isn’t. Smudging involves the burning of various kinds of herbs to promote positivity within the house. When this is done in conjunction with reciting the entity or entities aren’t welcome, it may push them out of the house. Smudging should be done with the windows and doors open, and the most common herb used is white sage. When bundled with other herbs, it not only removes the negative energy, but promotes positive energy to take its place place. Lavender is also great to use for this, as well as sweetgrass and cedar.

A newer technique for cleanings is the energy burst protocol. This is a variation on taking charge of your residence but involves a larger group of people. One person, generally the one more experienced at the energy burst protocol (EBP) leads and the rest respond according to a script. The EBP channels the energy from a large group of people to banish the spirits from the house.

Another method is to have your residence blessed by a priest, who will anoint your home with oil or Holy water.

There are various ways to get rid of entities and negative energy in a residence but what it ultimately comes down to is: if you believe a particular technique will work, it will.

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Written by Reanna Roberts for Pennsylvania Bridges

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