Exploring the Paranormal: Haunted Renos

More Halloween Clip Art Illustrations at http://www.ClipartOf.comAs we head into prime home renovation season, I wanted to remind my readers that while remodeling a home can potentially stir up paranormal activity, there may be other factors at play as well.

While it’s true paranormal entities dislike change and don’t deal well with changes, the possibility exists that remodeling will stir up the presence of the paranormal and you may notice unusual goings on. However, as a general rule, evidence of paranormal activity will have surfaced already, no matter how insignificant.

Ghosts aren’t going to “move in” during a renovation, with exceptions taking place only if you bring something into the home to which an entity is already attached.

It’s important to note that if you’re doing your own electrical work and aren’t a professional, trained electrician, be certain your wiring is grounded. In some rare cases, people have become ill from high electromagnetic frequencies due to faulty wiring. In severe situations, high EMFs may cause nausea and hallucinations, but even in moderate cases, people have reported experiencing a feelings of being watched, “creeped out,” uneasy, paranoid and anxious, sensations also present when there is paranormal activity in a home.

Another household culprit is black mold, which may result from poor clean up after a flood. Many people remodel their homes after experiencing flood damage, particularly in our region. Black mold can cause hallucinations and other health and lung issues.

Are you hearing creaky floor boards? Did you possibly leave a window open to let a room dry? Did you purchase an older home that you are working on that may still be settling? Did you possibly just not nail down a board straight on a floor? All of these things can mimic the sound of a person “walking” through the house.

If you’re doing seasonal remodeling and suspect paranormal activity, don’t be so quick to jump to conclusions. There may be a simple explanation for the seemingly inexplicable, especially if you’ve never encountered spirits in your home in the past.

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