Synergy Dance by Roz expands, offers new classes

synergy_ribbon_cuttingWith a name like Synergy, it was only a matter of time before the pride and joy of Rosalynn and Danny Miller evolved from a small dance studio devoted to inspiring young aspiring dancers into a full-fledged performing arts academy.

In November of last year, after a whirlwind few months, Synergy Dance by Roz moved out of the small studio in the heart of Canonsburg to a brand-new renovated storefront in a shopping plaza on Rt. 19, situated near Country Confections Chocolates and Bears to Books Daycare. The new space features expanded studio space and the addition of voice and piano classes under the new name, Synergy Performing Arts Academy.

“We are now reaching families and being seen by people that never knew we existed before,” said studio co-owner, Danny Miller. “There’s plenty of space to park. Our building is also clean, well-lit and visually pleasing, providing an atmosphere that is more professional and less hectic, crammed and stressful. This building has given us new life and a fresh new start, with better resources.”

The plan to expand the studio took shape about four years ago when the Millers attended a national competition where they competed against an Atlanta school named RISPA. Watching the RISPA students perform was like looking in a magical, future divining mirror. RISPA’s owners were a husband and wife team, just like the Millers, and both couples shared a dream of training students in multiple disciplines.

“The owners were open and friendly and they took a liking to us as well as the Synergy brand,” said Danny Miller. “Throughout the course of the week-long competition, we were able to have a few informative conversations about [the] arts and owning a business. We were so inspired by our conversation that the goal from that point on was to grow into an academy of performing arts.”

The Millers’ first order of business was to bring in a talented, seasoned pianist and vocal teacher. They recruited J. Paul Pepper, a classically trained pianist with more than 30 years experience, to serve as the head of Synergy’s music department and co-owner of the new brand.

“It didn’t take long to realize that our individual dreams and journeys were so similar that it would be foolish not to come together an see how far our ‘synergy’ could take us,” said Danny Miller. “I’ve known J. Paul his entire life. There’s always been something special about him. Whether it was track, gymnastics, academics, band or piano, J. Paul has always shown an innate ability to persevere and succeed. The way he approaches his art in an art form in itself, it’s like watching Roz teach dance. They’re both so passionate and as eager to learn as they are to teach others.”

synergy_pianoThe expansion also provides new opportunities for students, particularly older students interested in pursuing dance as a career.

“There’s no limit to what we plan to do,” said Danny. “We would like to add all facets of music education to our program, including training in all instruments, not just piano.”

Some of the Millers’ lofty goals for the new expansion include adding more instruments to their instructional roster, offering community performances and eventually producing musical theater shows. Though these plans won’t take shape overnight, the owners’ carefully calculated moves include employing capable, confident staff.

“All of our staff is properly trained and educated. We believe in continuing that training for our staff every year,” said Danny Miller. “Synergy is one of only 12 international founding members of More Than Just Great Dancing ™. In other words, we are being trained as teachers and business owners year round. When parents look for schools to send their children, educated teachers and appropriate curriculum should be at the top of their priority list.”

Synergy prides itself on providing more than just a great education – it’s also a fun, family-friendly environment where students, regardless of their backgrounds and experience, can learn and make new friends. For the student and parents at Synergy Performing Arts, the studio is more than just a building with teachers – it’s a family and everyone feels right at home. From the Miller’s own toddler son who frequently visits and is adored by the students, parents and staff, to the pride the staff feels when students accomplish something on or off the stage – it’s a place where real learning takes place.

Synergy Performing Arts Academy also has one of the largest male dancer enrollments in the area, a demographic they are extremely proud of. Encouraging male dancers is a priority for the Millers who offer male students a 50% tuition scholarship on all classes.

synergy_dancersSynergy Performing Arts academy offers jazz, ballet, pointe, tap, baton, modern, acro, contortion, hip-hop, fitness and competition opportunities. Additionally, creative movement classes for toddlers are also available. Rosalyn Miller is a graduate of Point Park University with degrees in Jazz and Dance Pedagogy (the art of teaching). The studio has developed one of the strongest hip-hop programs in the Pittsburgh market and continues to grow and expand. Additionally, Synergy Performing Arts employs a professional in-house photographer and a music editor who chooses age appropriate songs custom designed and edited for each piece.

“We’ve worked hard and will continue working on all facets to bring our clients the best experience possible,” said Danny. “We believe in more than just great dancing and beautiful music. Here, art is a culture and our studio has become the place where we all go to help sharpen our skills, not only for music and dance but also life. This is just the beginning for us. We really don’t see an end in sight, which leaves us with limitless possibilities. We’d love everyone to ‘join the movement’ even if it’s not at Synergy. Find a good studio in your area with educated and passionate teachers and experience the love of the performing arts.”

FMI: Visit, call 724-554-5424 or visit the studio at 2510 Washington Road, Bldg B Suites G & H, Canonsburg.
Story by Hayley Lynn Martin for Pennsylvania Bridges