CUTV Nabs Telly Awards, PCN Broadcast

California University Television received two broadcasting awards last spring and also helped the PSAC air its basketball finals live across the state.

CUTV won bronze Telly Awards for its live production of the 2013 PSAC football championship game at Bloomsburg University and for a 2013 tape-delay broadcast of a Cal U men’s basketball game, played at home.

The campus TV operation now has won 41 Telly Awards since 1988.

Gary W. Smith, director of operations for CUTV, explained that a panel of more than 500 industry professionals judges the Telly Awards, looking at all aspects of a production — camerawork, graphics, announcing and, of course, any errors in the course of the broadcast.

“This is a great honor for our students, because these awards are judged alongside of submissions from professional entities. It’s not just a college or student-specific award,” he said. “The judges are looking at the whole package.”

The TV operation also showed its mettle last March when, for the first time, the PSAC basketball championship games aired live on PCN, the Pennsylvania Cable Network.

CUTV produced the women’s basketball broadcast, featuring games played at Edinboro University.

Cal U sophomores Zach Lamarre and Allison Steinheiser handled broadcasting duties, reprising roles they played last fall, when CUTV produced the PSAC football championship game for PCN.

To prepare for the women’s finals, CUTV held “a full dress rehearsal” by broadcasting the PSAC women’s semifinal games, which were shown on CUTV via tape-delay and posted on YouTube. After the final buzzer, Lamarre and Steinheiser arranged a meeting with the winning coaches, so they would be ready for the finals.

“I was absolutely blown away with Zach and Allison,” said Caley Glasgow, director of Strategic Communication and New Media for the PSAC. “They were so well prepared and knowledgeable. I certainly did not have to feed them any questions for the coaches meeting.”

In addition to airing Vulcan football and a weekly high school football game, CUTV has produced at least one live high school football game for PCN in each of the past 15 years. Glasgow said CUTV has played an important part in the conference’s relationship with the nonprofit cable network.

“The students involved with CUTV are seeing the real world and not just theory,” she said. “You can see that Gary has a great rapport with the students, and we (at PSAC) have a great rapport with him.”

A number of Cal U alumni freelance for PCN, Smith said. They include Steve Ricci ’11, who served as PCN’s on-site producer at the women’s basketball finals.

“CUTV is getting people out there, and the partnership with the PSAC and PCN is a win-win for everyone,” Smith said. “It’s great that people are calling us.”

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