Cal U students to produce 6th edition of “The Inkwell”

inkandquill_by_zenafluff-d6syn3r2015 marks the sixth edition of the Cal U Inkwell, a free online and print university magazine produced every two years, where students and faculty submit and publish their own written works in the categories of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction. The Inkwell also allows for visual submissions of photography and original artwork. The 2009 edition introduced photography, while the 2013 edition introduced a segment called “Photo Essays” to the webzine, a series of short stories told through photographs instead of words.

The Inkwell brings together a team of students with a variety of backgrounds in creative writing, journalism, public relations, web design, photography and art and offers contributors the opportunity to publish their own original work for the purposes of entertainment and experiences. Everyone works together in groups led by an editor and then, as a whole, submissions are laid out to make the final project. There is no individualism; this is a team-effort where everyone contributes and brings unique ideas and views to the finished product.

The first edition of the Cal U webzine launched in the fall of 2005 as an online literary magazine and each new edition has improved upon the design, organization, layout, and quality of contributions. As the ten year anniversary of The Inkwell webzine approaches, readers can anticipate the staff will bring their creativity to the table, with new, exciting additions to the publication.

Dr. Carole Waterhouse, instructor at California University and of the “Publishing the Magazine” class producing The Inkwell project for 2015, is excited with anticipation for things to come.When asked what readers can expect from The Inkwell, Dr. Waterhouse said, “The Inkwell not only gives students some basics about the process of putting a magazine together, but also gives them an opportunity to share their work with the community. Student work is always innovative and highly imaginative and very exciting to read.”

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Story by Aaron Dalzell for Pennsylvania Bridges