What gift under $100 would you most like to get/give?

santa-160903Our readers responded:

Gordon Hooper – One of those eco gifts. Like “With this card 100 trees have been planted in Africa.”

Reanna Roberts – A puppy. Rescue, of course! Preferably missing an eye or a leg. Someone needs to love them!”

Margie McKinley – SD Ultra Cards and Flash Drives.

Deborah Dormitzer – Smart-Wool socks. Love them and they’re pricey (and of course my dryer eats one a week).

Natalie Wolfe Duvall – An Amazon gift card, so I could buy whatever my little evil heart desired!

Lee Stivers – An assortment of CDS by local musicians. A tasteful gift and it supports our musicians in a very significant way.

Michelle Fontaine – Cook books. Books in general based off a common interest

Cass Currie – Steel Victory, an alternate history urban fantasy debut novel by author J.L. Gribble.

Jeannie King – Have my grandchildren donate it to a family that just lost everything in a fire, or lost a child, or was homeless so they would receive the warm feeling of knowing what it is to give rather than receive!

Robert Currie – Donating to a charity can be a family gift and a learning experience as well as giving you that warm feeling inside that you’ve done something to help your fellow humans.