Volunteers make one of a kind gifts for sick kids

Volunteers make one of a kind gifts for young patients

Volunteers make one of a kind gifts for young patients

Young hospital patients will feel more safe, secure, loved and comforted, thanks to the hard work of two local groups whose members spent countless hours handcrafting them Boo Boo Dolls and Linus blankets.

From left to right, Project Linus Coordinator Lois Misko and Mon Valley Quilt Club President Jackie Ingram present the one-of-a-kind gifts to MVH Emergency Department Medical Director Amy Talley, M.D., and SameDay Surgery Nurse, Mary Beth Cope. The gifts will also be used on the hospital’s pediatric wing,7-W. Mrs. Ingram also works in MVH’s Critical Care Unit. Project Linus’ local chapter distributed 12,145 blankets in 2014 to other organizations in the region and has committed to creating 15 blankets each month for young patients in MVH’s Emergency Department, 7-W and SameDay Surgery units.

For more information on Project Linus, contact Mrs. Misko at lois.misko@gmail.com or 412-207-8259. For more information on the Mon Valley Quilt Club, call Jackie Ingram at 724-207-3858.

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