“Route for the Brave” makes stops at local restaurants

route for the brave 2A group of veterans is walking across America and their journey recently brought them to our area.

As part of the Helping Hands for Freedom foundation, Route for the Brave is attempting to raise enough funds – $3 million – to build a “house of healing” and PTSD center.  If successful, their efforts will impact generations of veterans and their families.

The house of healing will be a place for Gold Star families to live while they await their military benefits, which can be delayed for 5-6 months.  According to the Route for the Brave website, the home “will feature six living quarters, where families can have some solitude as they begin rebuilding their shattered lives.” (Gold Star Mothers was formed in America after World War 1. Service flags were placed in the windows of homes of active duty military members. The flags had a solitary blue star. If the military member died, the blue star was covered with a gold star to indicate the family’s loss. This tradition and designation has continued ever since.)

route for the brave 1RFTB made two stops here, one of which was at Rye’s Bar and Grill. The other was at Paci’s Restaurant, which provided a home cooked meal for the entire crew and some local supporters.

The cross-country walk to raise awareness and monies began April 28 in Atlantic City and follows Route 40. The vets hope to reach San Francisco by August 26. That is a grand total of 3091 miles and means they will have to walk an average of at least 25 miles per day to achieve their goal. Participants are currently averaging about 30 miles per day, six days a week. A blog, online donation form, and more information can be found at routeforthebrave.org

Story by Rosemary Capanna for Pennsylvania Bridges