Foster Friends of Washington County: Project Care Packs

GutzyGear_4KidsGroupShotAWhat’s the goal of Foster Friends of Washington County?

To provide children entering into foster care with a back pack containing personal items to help comfort them during their transition.

Why give children entering foster care a “care pack”?

Children that are transitioning into foster care have little to no time to collect any personal belongings. What they do have, if anything, is put into a garbage bag. It is our desire to offer these children something to call their own- a new toy, a pair of jammies that fit just right, because they deserve it. We want the care packs to help comfort the children during their transition and remind them that they are loved and they have value. The packs will be taken to the Washington County CYS and distributed to children entering into the foster care system.

How can I (or my organization) get involved in this great cause?

  • Make a care pack. Decide on a gender/age that you would like to make a care pack for. The care pack should include a blanket, a pair of pajamas, small stuffed animal/toy, book, tooth brush, tooth paste and body wash, as well as a back pack or duffle bag that is big enough to contain the items. All items must be new with tags.
  • Donate a gift card of any value that could be used to purchase items for a care pack.
  • Donations can be made online at 100% of all donations will go towards completing and putting together additional care packs.

When and where will the care packs be collected and distributed?

The care packs will be collected during the week of Dec 14-19. Care packs will be collected at the following locations: Given directly to Lindsay Hull or Ashley DeWitt at City Motors, 775 W. Chestnut St, Washington, between 9 a.m.- 6 p.m. or at Hollowood Heating, 1 Mechanic St., California between 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Audra Kay will collect donations at Beth Center Elementary School and Jessica Fritch will accept care packs at Charleroi High School. Donations can also be made at the Mon Valley YMCA or at Lifepoint Workshop, 801 E Wheeling Street, Washington from 5-7 p.m. the week of December 14-19.

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