Tap Into Your Inner Artist with Liz Jones Arts

12122946_10204003794249887_6740493491396931766_nLiz Jones is of the firm belief that deep inside everyone is a great artist just waiting to be discovered. This belief has been a guiding principle throughout her life as both an artist and instructor, and ultimately led to the creation of the Liz Jones Art Studio in the Greater Connellsville Area Community Center. Jones will now be taking over artistic duties at the Jozart Center for the Arts with her Wine and Line sessions, which afford an evening of fun and creativity to those interested in the artistic process.

With a background in social work, Jones knows better than most the therapeutic value of art. She has seen firsthand the impact painting can have on kids and adults with developmental difficulties, as well as what it can do for those in her classes who seem convinced they lack the ability to produce art of any kind.

“The biggest barrier people have to painting is their own judgment of themselves,” Jones says, expressing a common obstacle in the creative process. According to Jones, this is where the healing power of wine comes in. “Hand that internal critic a glass of wine and say ‘You go sit over there, I’m going to paint now.”

Thanks to her years of creating art, Jones looks at painting from a logical perspective, which is perhaps why she is such an effective instructor. Referring to painting as a process, Jones provides students of all skill levels with the tools and techniques they need to make something they can proudly display in their own homes.

What does Jones tell those students that offer the usual refrain that they are incapable of drawing even stick figures?

“Stick figures are highly overrated,” she replies with a hearty laugh.

With experience using multiple mediums, Jones brings sizable artistic knowledge to all of her lessons. While painting features heavily, Jones also assists students in drawing, particularly in chalk due to its compatibility with painted canvases. She stresses the mutability of chalk, which lets artists experiment with drawing without any lasting consequences. Jones will also collaborate with students, even whipping up a quick sketch to provide some much-needed inspiration.

As for what Jones hopes her students take away from their lessons, the artist says, “I hope they find a sense of competence they didn’t know they had.” She cites poor experiences with less-than-supportive art teachers who summarily put a damper on budding artistic impulses with a few harsh words. Jones hopes that her lessons, both at the Jozart Center in addition to those held at her own studio, will help reignite these impulses yet again.

Liz Jones’s Wine and Line sessions begin at Jozart Center for the Arts on December 15 at 6:30 p.m. To reserve your space, email to carla@jozart.com or call 724-938-9730.

For information on arranging a private art party, contact the Liz Jones Art Studio directly at 724-455-3699, or visit the Facebook page to learn more.

Kids in the Connellsville area can also take advantage of free after-school art lessons courtesy of Liz Jones and the Greater Connellsville Area Community Center, which take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4-6 p.m. through December.
Story by Stacie Adams for Pennsylvania Bridges