Art drop brings scavenger hunt fun to promotion

ArtDropInvitePic-(1)Advertising for an annual big event typically involves shouting from social media rooftops and taking out ad space in local magazines or papers. But, for the second year in a row, Charleroi’s own Valley Art Club will employ an “art drop” as a fun way to lead art lovers to its annual juried exhibition. Hosted again this year by the Monessen Public Library, Valley Art Club’s 76th annual show kicks off with a public reception on Sunday, September 30, 2018 from 1 – 4 p.m., with exhibits on display until October 11.

During the exhibition, a Valley Art Club member will usually be present to answer questions and show visitors around said Francine Miceli, six year board member of the club. Most of the works on display will be for sale, while some artists offer prints as a more economical way to get art into the hands of a fan.

For the art drop, Valley Art Club members hailing from Belle Vernon, Charleroi, Coal Center, Grindstone, Monessen, Monongahela, Stockton, and West Newton will prepare original, one-of-a-kind works on a 5” x 7” medium using pencil, pen, or pastel.

“Most members are participating, and at least 25 original pieces will be dropped during the first week of September. They will be dropped in an envelope with the Valley Art Club logo at churches, doctor’s offices, libraries” and other places, Miceli said. Members will distribute works in their own town, increasing the drop’s coverage area.

The lucky finders will get to be keepers of the artist’s original, one-of-a-kind work. Though they’re sure to be pleasantly surprised by the quality of artwork that can fit on a 5” x 7” medium, the club asks one small favor, as Miceli explains, “We hope they do contact us in some way to let us know how they liked it…some artists have their card or an e-mail on the back and would like to be contacted to let us know what their reaction is to it.”

Also inside the art drop envelope is a postcard with information about the reception, including times and location. Additionally, Miceli’s own artwork fronts the postcard, giving art lovers a two-for-one find.

In addition to the art drop and art show, Valley Art Club continues its efforts throughout the year to get the message out that art is alive and well in the Mon Valley. “There’s still a lot of people who say ‘I didn’t know there are any artists around here.’ We try to do the best we can, and we’re trying to reach out more every year,’” Miceli said. “We do paint-outs (outdoor painting) at parks or different places people suggest we go. Sometimes we just go to the park and sketch so people know we exist.”

Valley Art Club’s visibility in the valley is set to increase through the talents of fellow artist and new “publicity person,” Dawn McKechnie, who Miceli says “wants to do a lot for the club. I’ve liked all her ideas so far.” Stay tuned for more.

Artists interested in joining the club’s roster may reach them at 724-872-4642 or directly on Miceli outlines a few requirements for membership, including a minimum age of 18, paying $20 for an annual membership, and attendance at three meetings per year along with the annual exhibition. Additionally, “We ask them to bring a couple of pieces in, and we vote whether to bring them in or not. I don’t know that anyone has been turned away.”

The club “could use some young blood in there” along with new artists, including more men, Miceli said, adding that the “only thing is, everything has to be two dimensional,” meaning no sculptures, textiles, photography, or the like.

Anyone finding a Valley Art Club art drop envelope is encouraged to post their find on facebook at:, while the public is invited to the September 30 juried exhibition and reception.

Painting top right by Francine Miceli.

Story by Keren Lee Dreyer for Pennsylvania Bridges