Pardon our dust!

household-dust-allergensExciting developments are in the works for Pennsylvania Bridges! As a result, we’re making some changes to our website with the aim of improving content accessibility for our loyal readers and shining more of a spotlight on our fantastic advertisers.

While we make these changes, we ask that you pardon our dust as we revamp our web presence.

You may note that you can now read all of the content from our Fall 2016 edition simply by scrolling down the home page. We’ve moved our articles from an older, web page style format to a more modern blog style, beginning with the Fall 2016 edition, so that readers can now more easily view (and share) our great content on their cell or mobile device.

If you currently enjoy reading our publication online via ISSUU, have no fear. We’ll continue to publish each edition online via ISSUU as we have in the past.

Looking for an article published in Pennsylvania Bridges prior to Fall 2016? Check our extensive archive of every story we’ve ever published. You can now also use the “search” feature in the top right-hand corner of our site to locate specific content.

Our awesome advertisers support the (always free) print edition of Pennsylvania Bridges and we thought they also deserved recognition on our website. Since many of our advertisers have an active Facebook presence, we’re now including links to those pages on our site. Please help support them by “liking” and following them on Facebook, as they are the reason we can continue to publish a print edition in an age when many publications have ceased to do so.

Stay tuned as other new developments are in the works. If you haven’t already, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest news.