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Winter 2016: Come Fly With Me!

Winter 2016: Come Fly With Me!

Winter 2016: Come Fly With Me!

The Winter 2016 edition, Come Fly With Me! is now available online and in print.

Come Fly With Me!

singing_bars_131602About a month ago, I had a fairly extensive surgery performed on my right foot, the first of four surgeries I will likely need to repair damage to my hands and feet caused by Rheumatoid Arthritis. For the month following the surgery, I was stuck in bed, with my foot elevated slightly over my heart per my surgeon’s post-op instructions, dependent on the kindness of others.

Week after week, day after day, hour after hour, I spent staring at the same four walls, dreaming about the outside world. A blizzard came and I watched it snow on Facebook. Brain rot set in, the kind of mental fatigue that comes from not using your mind to do anything more strenuous than watch TV. I saw so many episodes of HGTV’s Property Brothers I now feel better equipped than Jonathan Silver Scott to identify a load bearing wall. After so long indoors I began to feel as if I would never feel the sun again, like I was trapped like a bird in a cage, and I don’t handle captivity well. Ever read Stephen King’s The Shining, about the guy stuck inside all winter with his family who goes a little, well, nutty? Yeah. It was close.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking for sympathy. There are far worse ways to spend time than to lay around being waited on hand and foot. There’s something to be said for taking time off to restore the body and replenish the spirit. I appreciate the fact that it was an option for me and that I have a wonderfully supportive, loving husband and caring, loyal friends who made it possible.

What’s more, though I have a long road ahead of me in terms of needed medical interventions, I’m fortunate to have an army of health professionals dedicated to helping me heal. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic illness and there’s no cure at this time, but there are medications that keep me mobile and since my diagnosis about a year and a half ago, my quality of life is continuing to improve. Knowing what’s broken, I know what needs fixing.

In a nutshell, I’m one of the lucky ones, with hopes for a healthier future. Once daunting tasks like taking a brisk walk in the woods seem possible. Long stifled and seeming at times even crushed, my wings are beginning to unfold.

Come fly with me in my newfound freedom. Discover the world around you, starting in the pages of this edition with our comprehensive coverage of area restaurants and other attractions. Expand your cultural horizons by catching one of the many musical and theatrical performances listed in this issue, either with a special someone or during your personal “me” time.

If, like me, you’re grateful for the gifts of life and better health, demonstrate your gratitude by getting involved with a worthy cause. Maybe you’ll find one to champion in this issue, or you know of one we should feature in the future. Get in touch.

Come fly with me! Life is ever evolving. Don’t get stuck on the ground.

Until next time, Carla E. Anderton